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42 Rules to 24-Hour
Success with LinkedIn

(2nd Edition)
42 Rules to 24 Hour Success on LinkedIn (2nd Edition) provides
straightforward, common sense advice on how to get the most out
of LinkedIn—the most popular social networking site for busy
professionals. In this compact book, Chris, David and Peggy show
you what to do to leverage the power of social networking on LinkedIn.

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42 Rules for Your
New Leadership Role

(2nd Edition)
“I wish I had this book early in my career! By now, I've seen hundreds
of people start leadership roles—from senior executives to
customer-facing team leads—some starting brilliantly, some
struggling unnecessarily. This book points you to the actions that
make all the difference in those critical early months.”

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42 Rules for Sourcing
and Manufacturing in China

(2nd Edition)
“Today I read 42 Rules for Sourcing and Manufacturing in China. I
learned lots about safety and environmental regulations, acronyms for
International Commerce Terms (‘incoterms‘), geography, relative
population growth, what to screen for when evaluating a factory, and
more. Really, if you are thinking of doing business in China, I
recommend getting this book.”

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42 Rules for
Creating WE

(2nd Edition)
“It took Napoleon Hill nearly 25 years to write Think and Grow Rich,
his legendary guidebook for individual success. Judith E. Glaser
and her Creating WE Institute colleagues took a lot less time to
write today’s greatest guide for team success, and it will soon
be read by 6,200 Burberry employees worldwide.”

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42 Rules of
Employee Engagement

(2nd Edition)
“Get 42 Rules of Employee Engagement (2nd Edition), read it, and
soak up the wisdom of this wonderful woman Susan Stamm. Invest
time to reflect on what she says or, better yet, start a book group to
go through it together. You‘ll be a better a leader and person
for doing it.”