Susan Stamm

Susan Stamm believes that relationships are the key ingredient to happiness and business success, personally, professionally and globally. As President of The TEAM Approach she works to help people play nicer together at work and to help leaders develop the relationship skills that drive success and employee engagement.

Susan began her career in a State Hospital working as part of a interdisciplinary team bringing personal and organizational transformation. She helped create and implement extensive behavioral plans that were designed to move residents along a path of personal change and growth that would ultimately provide an opportunity for community based living. Organizationally, she helped in the transformation of this hospital, from what resembled a warehouse, to a place of hope that could facilitate personal change and growth. She worked to build acceptance of changes in treatment and daily living routines among staff whom had never considered the potential for change within the resident population that they served. Susan continued working as a Human Services professional in the Mental Health- Mental Retardation field in a variety of capacities, culminating with the role of Director of Training for a county wide MHMR government agency.

Susan has a BS in Management and Organizational Development from Eastern Mennonite University and an Associates of Applied Sciences Degree in Human Services from Delaware Technical and Community College.

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